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Why Poland is the best IT outsourcing location


Kirill Karakhainko




Jun 25, 2022

Today, Eastern Europe software development outsourcing is one of the most popular solutions for building custom software. The leading Eastern European countries keep showing their growth in the IT market, whereas Poland became the top outsourcing location.

More and more businesses abroad consider hiring developers from Poland. Clients appreciate a wide range of skills and services, innovative approaches, and educated, well-versed developers provided by outsourcing companies in Poland. All at extremely affordable rates.

By getting outsourcing and outstaffing services in Poland, you can ensure your project is completed from A to Z while you’re focused on strategic business tasks.

Overview of the IT market In Poland 2022

As a member of the European Union, Poland has a stable economic and political state. These two factors create a favorable environment for attracting foreign investors and expanding the IT sector within the country. Remarkably, Poland was less affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than many other European countries.

The Polish IT market is rising at a high pace, increasing from $4 million in 2016 to $14 million by the end of 2021. Today, 8% of overall Polish GDP comes from the IT market and is expected to reach more than 10% in 2022. Generally, the Polish tech sector’s income is generated from computer equipment sales, different IT services, and the distribution of software products.

Software developers from Poland have earned a reputation for being highly productive, reliable, and competitive specialists.

Below, we will discuss the key points of why IT recruitment in Poland is a winning idea.

5 key reasons to use outsourcing and outstaffing services in Poland

1. Convenient location and time zone

Poland is the top outsourcing location in Eastern Europe, with thousands of tech companies and 300K software engineers working in the biggest IT hubs in such cities as Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Poznan.

As the State of European Tech concluded, Poland has nearly 3,000 software developers per 1 million inhabitants, which is an impressive ratio.

Poland’s time zone—Central European Time—is common with other major European IT hubs, thus, it’s super convenient to cooperate with a software development team in Poland. You can reach any Polish city in less than 4 hours by air from any European country.

Although the time difference with the US reaches up to 9 hours, outsourcing to Poland will feel like working with a local partner so that you have more control over the implementation of your project.

2. High-quality tech education

The Polish government pays great attention to education, introducing a strong system focused on science, mathematics, and technology. Software developers from Poland are excellent at Scrum and Agile methodologies, code quality, the most popular programming languages, and providing numerous other expert skills. In addition to their high level of education, Polish developers can boast of their English fluency, as they’re on the TOP 20 list of English Proficiency Index out of 100 countries. Proficiency in English is a competitive advantage as it allows developers to overcome language barriers with foreign clients and make collaboration more efficient.

English is an essential part of the corporate culture in Polish IT companies, so they usually provide English classes to improve employees’ knowledge.

3. Wide range of provided outsourcing services

No matter what your business goal is, you will be able to find a dedicated team of software developers in Poland who specialize in various programming fields and will bring your product to the market.

Polish outsourcing teams can easily implement a tech project of any complexity from scratch as well as help you handle a particular task, such as creating user interface design or adding a new feature to an app.

What’s more, you can choose a specific cooperation model, depending on your current business needs. This can be the outsourcing of an entire project or a particular task to a specialized agency; or outstaffing, which helps clients supplement their software development team; or hiring your own in-house team in Poland.

4. Innovative technologies

Poland is the homeland of numerous famous technology startups, which are competing successfully in the demanding US and Western markets, attracting millions of users all over the world.

Polish software programmers are also very enthusiastic about what they are doing and follow the latest industry trends, so they willingly use innovative tools and technologies. Having the biggest IT hub in Europe gives them the opportunity of sharing the latest updates, insights, practices, and experiences, i.e., everything that helps to grow professionally and deliver the best solutions for businesses.

5. Price-quality ratio

Software developers from Poland are extremely valued in the IT market because of their price-quality ratio.

Average hourly rates for software development services in Poland vary from $40 to $60. It’s not the cheapest price in the world market compared to Asian countries, but much more reasonable compared to Western countries, such as the US, Switzerland, Norway, or Germany. Still, Poland competes with Canada and the US for the quality of the final product.

This makes outsourcing to Poland truly attractive and advantageous.

TechWings is the right partner from Poland for your business

Geographical location, time zone, constant IT market growth, high-quality education, extended expertise, and cultural ethic are the key reasons why entrepreneurs hire software developers from Poland.

With over 6 years of experience in the field of IT solutions, TechWings provides top-notch outsourcing and outstaffing services in Poland, including software development, UX/UI design, BPO, Outsourcing, and Consulting. Contact us today to get a quote for your project!

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