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Case study

Mobile app design and development for a skydiving services company


Jump R


Sep 2019 — present




Sports & Entertainment


Node.js, MongoDB, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Kotlin, Swift


Product Design, Mobile Development

About project

Do you know how sometimes it is difficult to find like-minded people, willing to share your hobby? Jump R was created to bring together people involved in skydiving, to find coaches and events dedicated to this breathtaking sport.

User flow

The interface is designed to be smooth and intuitive, so the user can get info about the product and begin to use it in a few easy steps.


For the color scheme, we decided to use the colors of the sky at sunset. Instead of the usual blue, we choose green shades to make the app unique, besides it goes well with the red shades of sunset.


We create a wireframe that includes a detailed understanding of the location of content and blocks, which find their style and colors after coordination.


The home page is quick access to events and coaches, which is the basis of the application. Categories are created for the more convenient search of suitable locations and events.


In the profile, we added all the necessary functionality for an experienced jumper. Here it will be able to share impressions and photos, get quick access to the list of all events and friends.


To be always in touch with friends, we have designed and developed a convenient and nice chat for private messages or group discussions.


We tried to convey the atmosphere of favorite sport in the illustrations while maintaining the corporate colors.


We have created a simple and attractive design and developed Jump R apps for iOS and Android by ourselves. The product is ready to launch and will be available in stores soon.