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Case study

UX/UI design and MVP development for a medical benefit plans provider


Cubic Health


Apr 2019 — Nov 2019






ASP.NET Core, MS SQL Server, Docker, Microsoft Azure, Angular 1.x/2+


Product Design, Team Extension

About project

The main idea was to take an existing internal software and build a modern analog from scratch. We’ve started with the MVP which included the core features of the tool — adding and editing drugs in the CRM and approving the changes.

Edit drugs info

Each pharmacist has an option to change drugs information. Both individual and bulk editing are available. Once the edit is made the information is pushed for approval.


Approval is the final step of the MVP. This tool is made for cross-checking of the suggested changes to drug information. The pharmacist is not allowed to approve the changes he/she made but can accept or reject someone’s changes.

Show drug details

Each drug in a system has several dozen of information fields. We’ve re-organized the information to tabs, so it became more efficient to work with. Also, each drug has a list of comments anyone can leave.


We’ve built a strong UX with a nice good looking style. It will be easy to follow at the next development stage of the MVP. Now the product is in testing and the Client collects feedback from real users to take their opinion in future releases.