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Case study

Ongoing development for a medical tech company aiding patients with diabetes




Aug 2019 — present






ASP.NET Core, MS SQL Server, Docker, Microsoft Azure, Angular 1.x/2+, Electron


Web Development, Desktop Development, Team Extension

About project

Orpyx is a plantar measurement technology that helps people with diabetes. The company produces sensor-based insoles that empower patients and their doctors to prevent diabetic foot ulcers through temperature and movement sensor technology.

Patient dashboard

All the data collected while wearing the insoles is saved and displayed on the client’s dashboard. The same data report is also sent to the doctor who monitors their patient’s condition.

Doctor dashboard

The doctor is provided with clear and detailed reports about daily activity, temperature, and pressure changes that affect the patient and can make notes of this.


Client came to us with their design and some ready parts of the platform, our task was to provide them with ongoing backend and frontend web development services. We completed our work on time and within budget. The project is operational and continuing to develop, helping patients prevent diabetic complications.