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Case study

Revamping and ongoing development of an enterprise learning solution


B Online Learning


Apr 2018 — Oct 2018






ASP.NET Core, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Angular 1.x/2+


Product Design, Web Development

About project

The client came to us with a website which needed a redesign and completion. The actual design was not so user-friendly and didn’t correspond to the modern ideas of UI/UX. Our task was to make the application as useful and convenient as possible.


The platform has its interactive dashboards that provide users and managers with their profiles information, their teams, classes, and rewards. This easy-to-use dashboards allow to get news and notifications and perform actions from a personal toolbar.


The user sets a goal and achieves it by completing a set of elements. Elements are learning activities such as SCORM, reading a document, on the job assessment, watching a video, attending a seminar, taking an assessment, completing surveys.


Users can create online and offline events that are open to everyone. Each member of the platform has a calendar to track classes and events schedule. A mentor can create one calendar for the whole team.

Trainer centre

We’ve made a convenient flow for trainers which is necessary for setting goals easily, creating tasks, and checking students’ progress. The teachers can view student profiles, upload/download documents, check assignments, and communicate with their team.

Mobile version

To stay in touch throughout the day, the B Online Learning platform is available on tablets and mobile devices. The mobile version has the same functions, so the users aren’t afraid of losing their records if they don’t have access to their laptops.


We’ve delivered a redesigned and completed B Online Learning platform that currently is gaining lots of new students and mentors.