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Case study

UX/UI design and development of a website for Belgium’s largest daily news media


The Brussels Times


Sep 2018 — Aug 2019




Mass Media




Product Design, Web Development

About project

We were to recreate a website for an online newspaper that lacked visitors: their current solution was not so well optimized, the design and functionality seemed outdated and ceased to be user-friendly.

User flow & layouts

With the help of intuitive navigation, the user can easily search through articles, register as an author and start blogging, or leave feedback.


All articles are divided into different categories for user’s easier access to what they are interested in. The user can filter news by any category from the homepage.


Our client wanted not only to create a newspaper to read online. The main difference between a print media and an online newspaper is the ability to interact with the author. The users can provide their opinion and have a discussion with the author.


Users can submit the author’s profile and start their personal blog with the ability to write their own articles on different topics.

Get the news first

The latest news has become more accessible with the Brussels Times! There are the most relevant topics at the top of the main page so that the readers do not miss anything new.


Our team has also created an adaptive mobile version that allows users to view the site on any device. Arrangement of the news by blocks makes navigation even more convenient.


Our team has redesigned and redeveloped The Brussels Times website on the Wordpress platform, and also made its adaptive mobile version. Now the end-users can access the website on a range of devices. As a result, the website traffic has dramatically increased - thus the number of users of the mobile version increased by 130%. Now the visitors leave their positive feedback more often, and also The Brussels Times got 2 successful partnership deals.